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    Je partage totalement votre point de vue, je vais le faire savoir autour de moi.


    Blogs sont un milieu de communication dans un sens.


    Vos réflexions sur le blog sont vraiment en valeur la lecture. Je suppose que vous portez une maîtrise dans la logique pour vous parlez beaucoup logiquement par hors de votre discussion :)

    live free

    Understanding their National program
    Look at what they have done and what they are doing these persecutors of poverty. The voices of the people from California to Arizona are being ignored by the medical monopoly, which is foreign controlled. The pharmaceutical companies to the world health organization all foreign controlled. You are supposed to believe if you work hard you can succeed. Yet all the gas stations and convenience (Kiosk) stores are all foreign run. You are to believe that the blacks are just too stupid to run a business, that’s why they rioted in L.A. The medical monopoly is notorious for their fraudulent science that they promote from their fen fen drugs to drugging the children with their ADD drugs. They claim the people should be criminalized if they dare to take matters into their own hands and bare arms using the natural God given plant when these bounty hunters come after the American public with their anthrax or their crave. Yes their crave do you really think they can make designer steroids for their athletes to use and not be able to give the undesirable or the Berkley elite an undetectable pain, after the monopoly has said they are fine the person is forced to seek relief from the streets, and since weed is almost been exterminated all that is available is their highly addictive highly dangerous drugs, crack, meth ect. Do you really believe they could not deplete the sugar in the human body and make the fat person run around trying to replace it, in a since making a sugar addict. Even though they advertise that let them count your donuts and they will save a dollar on your health insurance. The pot smoker is supposed to be lazy and crazy. Yet we have seen that their technology can make someone sleepy, lazy, their microphones and sound waves can make an unsuspecting person almost crazy, not to mention their air injected guns they use or other waves to destroy the chemical make up of the sugar the addict has just bought or the weed or cigarettes the smoker has bought. How long will the world fall for these people playing god and their tricks? N.Y. has lost 20 to 30% of business because of their anti smoking agenda yet they can not even show one person they have saved. They go after our freedom instead of the companies who are adding all the dangerous chemicals to the cigarette and yet the first settlers to the Americas in James town survived in a large part because of the tobacco these communist work to keep us from. How long will we have to live under Fidel castors anti smoking agenda and be criminalized for being like a Thomas Edison or a Thomas Jefferson and making a free educated choice?

    Science fiction or science fact, are you willing to give up the power of the first page of the Holy christen Bible because these immoral who lie, cheat and steal claim we are to stupid to be free? As they make billions off our old and sick and 10,000 people a year die on the streets fighting for their genetic religious and hereditary necessities

    Alain Giffard

    Merci pour toutes ces informations. Grâce à ton site et celui de Martin Lessard, j'ai trouvé beaucoup de références intéressantes, dont la biblio de Kairosnews.


    Merci pour ce texte. En le lisant je ne peux m'empécher de rajouter un lien vers les travaux de Martin Lessard:



    Ainsi que vers mes modestes contributions au débat:


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